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Welcome to the Brittany Spaniels website, or more correctly Brittanys; the Spaniel has now been dropped.

This site was inspired by our purchase of a Brittany pup and the realisation of how few there are of them! They make great family dogs and excellent hunters. Brittanys are intelligent by nature and have a great temperament. They make wonderful housedogs, super companions and are very eager to please their owner.

Brittanys require attention, care, training and most of all patience to be the best. If your dog is not housebroken, missed a lot of birds while out hunting, still chews on things he/she is not supposed to, its not the dogs fault, its the fault of the trainer, but thatís not to say they are a hard dog to train on the contrary they are one of the easiest dogs to train in the hunting group. We have started this Web Site out of love for the breed and more specifically our dog, Rusty. Please use the information within this site to discover more about the breed.